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Kiara Iman (Smiling In Brown)

Kiara Iman

A multi-talented artist & entrepreneur

Kiara Iman is forging a path for herself and collaborators alike as an innovative actor, singer, writer, producer, director, and educator.

Since graduating college at Augusta University (May 2022) with a bachelor's in Communication, she has booked the role of Jackie in Praise This (2023) on Peacock and directed a theatrical production with youth in her community.

While acting in the entertainment industry, she also enjoys working with aspiring artists through coaching. She currently teaches classes at MTW Studios and is producing original content.

As Iman is continuously building her creative brand and business, she specializes in helping others do the same. She is an experienced marketing specialist with a background in social media and customer relationship management, web/graphic design, email marketing, newsletters, plus more.

Find more on Kiara Iman here: Actors Access (Resume), IMDB, and LinkedIn

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