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  • Kiara Iman

Be the person everyone wants to collaborate with ✧ Here's how!

A good teacher does not take over. He or she gives you room to try. This is a leader who is focused on guiding someone into purpose not controlling it.

Your job as an influencer is to help people tap into their own gifts and talents as they help you with yours. The goal is to pull out leadership within others. You cannot hold their hand or do everything. If you want a team, you cannot be a ball hog. Let them take their shot as well.

Who's In Charge?

“If your actions create a legacy that inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.”

I can be such a perfectionist. It really does have its pros and cons. Doing things in excellence is super beneficial, but it can also naturally create an overbearing or domineering persona. There is nothing more annoying than working with a micromanager, so I'm personally working on releasing the reins lol.

Don't Drive People Away

How can we pay attention to detail without driving others crazy? Well, it begins with prayer and a nice little #heartcheck.

1 Peter 5:2-3 says, "Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly - not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God. Don't lord it over the people assigned to your care, but lead them by your own good example."

Do you accept people for what they bring to the table? It takes humility to collaborate with others, especially if they are working for your personal vision. Trust me, I know! I have graciously been learning how important it is to set the bar for love, intentionality, discipline, dedication, passion, and precision when working with my own team. You must create an atmosphere of acceptance, peace, fun, open-mindedness, and clear direction. Keep in mind that the art comes first, the business second. If you focus on creating amazing work, I assure you the other stuff aligns naturally. Don't forget you're managing people not numbers. How they feel when they are on a project with you matters. Be the difference in the industry. Give a remarkable experience!

What's Next For You?

“There are only two options: make progress or make excuses.”

What kind of person have you been working with other artists? The diva? The showoff? The complainer? The team-player? The contributor? The joy? Take the time to assess yourself. I do it often. I value making sure pride doesn't get in the way during the process. It creeps in if we are not cautious. This is the greatest way to fall as a leader. No one wants to create with a brat, know-it-all, or dictator! I have been on both ends, receiving or giving out of ignorance, and both suck. Always look for ways to grow! I am a firm believer in developing my craft and character simultaneously. How about you?

Please Be Professional

To be the person everyone wants around has a whole lot to do with professionalism. If you're going to commit, then commit! For whatever reason, there are a lot of people who actually lack this trait. The key way to keep it is communication. Time management is also a big one! However, things do come up. Totally understandable! So, communicate ahead of time! It's really simple. Or, if you find out something isn't working for you, speak up for yourself with dignity and grace. It's all a matter of how you share what you want, but you have to know what you want.

I could go on and on, but the main nugget is this...

If you are consistently working on becoming the best version of yourself daily, you will attract all kinds of people to work with you. Boom! That's it.

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