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  • Kiara Iman

Detox your mind: Do you want authentic art or not?

When is the last time you sat alone with yourself for more than an hour? No phone, no people, no voices...just you and The Spirit?

In order to pour out, we must be filled up. As Creators, we are constantly being pulled on to bear our souls. I don't know about you, but if not careful it completely drains me. I'm like a dried up fish out of water! When I don't have alone time to regroup, I actually lose myself in the craft. As a result, I create for claps not calling.

The Purpose of Detoxing

“You don't have to wait to be unhealthy to intentionally cleanse your mind.”

A detox allows us to get rid of toxins, familiarity or negativity, and creates room for the new, the refreshing, the overflow. After finishing a project, take the time to reflect. Don't be so busy looking for the next big thing that you don't go through the full process of now. Examine what your mental state was like during the time of investing into your work. What did you learn? What lessons will you take with you? Which ones should you throw away? Did the feedback produce confidence or insecurity? Honestly, I really use the space to free myself from opinion...a lot! Anytime you share, it invites a say, positive or negative. I make sure I'm not attaching myself to either, realizing neither should be the fuel for my creativity - purpose is.

Go Inward to Discover Originality

This is so key! There is so much art within you that only you can make. It's important for you to take your eyes off of what so and so is doing and get vision for what you are supposed to bring to the world. Watching someone else's journey should inspire you not produce idolization. Be mindful of this! Don't let comparison take you out of your lane. Celebrate not compare. When you do the latter, you're more focused on competing . That is nothing but a distraction, baby!

Now It's Time To Get Back Out There

“For everything there is a season, and time for every matter under heaven...”

I'll say it very loud and clear: CREATE ON GOD'S TIMING NOT MAN'S. Don't develop ideas for the sake of seeming important. Be genuine, otherwise, fall into the trap of a copycat. If you want to know when to do things simply pray and meditate. This is my favorite way to seek vision for upcoming projects. When I delight in the presence of God, he places steps on my heart. This is when I produce some of my most meaningful work! When we are open, clear-minded, and attentive to the voice of The Lord, he is faithful to guide us. Will you let him lead you?

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