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  • Kiara Iman

Left school to become artist - best decision ever!

Most people are now shocked when they find out that I'm originally from Ohio - let's just say the South has stolen my accent at this point. Hey y'all!

Before moving forward, allow me to clarify for my parents - I DID NOT DROP OUT OF COLLEGE although I think about it on a regular basis lol. However, I did leave my first high school and move hundreds of miles away to live my dreams.

Disclaimer: the path to living what most people thought was a daily High School Musical experience was not really as Disney-fied as it seemed.

My Flight Got Cancelled & I Missed My Audition

“Where there's a will, there's a way.”

When I tell you Ohio weather picked the worst time to be petty with snow - sheesh! My mom and I arrived to the airport only to find out my flight got cancelled. I was supposed to be staying with my Dad so I could audition for Davidson Fine Arts in Georgia, and I needed something to happen quick! Thank God the school was able to reschedule me for the second day. However, this limited my chances of being able to audition in all genres.

I remember being so nervous standing on that stage in my drama director's classroom not knowing that years later I would have a lead role in her play, The Crucible. First off, can we just say look at God! A black woman as Elizabeth Proctor who wins multiple awards...ain't that something?

You can't tell me what he can't do, honey!

Now, this is where the juicy part comes flight back to Ohio was diverted into Buffalo, New York. There was another snow storm that night and my phone was dead (not the best timing). I promise I was living a Home Alone movie. It was such a wild experience at fourteen years old! My mom was freaking out and I was just praying that I'd make it home alive.

After staying overnight in a random hotel that the airline placed us passengers in, I returned to my normal life filled with so much hope and expectation as I waited for results.

Don't Take No For an Answer if God Told You Yes

The phone rings...ring ring ring! I pick up to the sadness in my father's voice.

"Baby, you didn't get in."

"Something's not right. I don't believe it!" I cried.

"Well, you did make a fifty-eight out of sixty. These kids must be prodigies!"

"I don't believe it!" I repeated. "God told me I'm supposed to be there."

That kind of faith shook the both of us. I didn't realize how much The Spirit was interceding for me in that moment. Sometimes, he'll graciously speak for you.

He had a plan all along.

Denial Makes a Great Testimony

"Shout for closed doors as much as you do for open ones.”

My acceptance letter somehow turned from flat out denial to waitlisted. There was some hope! I couldn't believe how God was working out the details. Looking back, I see now how much he was using that moment to increase my faith in Him. That was one miracle of many!

Key Lesson

Where God wants you to be, he will get you there. Sometimes we get anxious in the process because we can't see the bigger picture. Just because your story may take a round-a-bout, doesn't mean you're going to be late to the destination. He's sovereign. He specializes in providence! Trust Him.

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