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  • Kiara Iman

When you’re feeling overlooked...

There are obviously so many talented people in the world. Of course it's easy to question if your gifts are enough. Here's what to do when you're feeling overlooked in your artistry.


Remind yourself that your identity is not in your gifts and talents, but rather in Christ. Where he has placed you is exactly where you need to be. What you have is completely useful, purposeful, and significant. Remember these things can always come and go, but who you are in Jesus is eternal.


Find out where all this comparison is coming from. Uh media? Dang it! Afraid someone's going to "get ahead of you"? Are you subconsciously competing against people instead of celebrating them? Don't forget what God has for you is for you. Don't let yourself look to the left or the right and miss all the blessings you currently have in your court. There's too much for you to steward over now to second guess what He has given you.


Reflect on all the times you have had an amazing opportunity to share your craft to others...all the moments you lost track of time working on the visions God has revealed to you. Look at all the people he has allowed you to impact thus far with your talent and how many places he has taken you to exercise it.

Yes, it is'll never be the next *insert a celebrity you adore* because you were always meant to just be you (someone who God fearfully and wonderfully made).

I know this can feel like such elementary truths, but honestly we need to keep them close daily. It's easy to let pride, doubt, or jealousy get in the way when our paths seem similar to others. Be inspired by their journey; don't idolize their journey.

You are not overlooked.

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