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  • Kiara Iman

Why Christian entertainment is considered corny & what to do about it!

We were called to make authentic art. The realities of our humanity are meant to be captured through storytelling not denied.

Christians should be known for creating unforgettable, life-changing experiences through many facets of expression. However, religious traditions and condemnation have often steered people away from creating with true liberation.

Stop Limiting Yourself

“God does not begin by asking our ability, but more of our availability. When we prove our dependability, He will increase our capability.”

For a group of people who harp on knowing The Creator, shouldn't we in turn be some of the most creative people? Associating every aspect of art that doesn't fit our norm with the devil is more of a thief than Satan himself. What if I told you God would like to give you an artisan call?

The Artisans Called by God

The Spirit of God, in wisdom and understanding, in knowledge and all manner of workmanship, wants to fill you. He has designed you for artistic works. As The Father creates through you, you then can teach others how to also tap in to divine creativity (Exodus 35:30-34).

Spirit Lead Creations Are Not Absent of The Flesh

“God knows that I am human...maybe it is I who needs to remember.”

We do not use art to practice sin, but rather deliver people from it. When I was acting full-time as a professional and student, I often went through this strenuous mental battle. Is God pleased? I began to realize any work that draws people into the truth of who he is will naturally fulfill his will. The issue lies within the conditions of our heart to create. We have to ask ourselves continuously our why. If the role is to simply prove how talented of an actor I am, I've missed it. Whether singing sacred or secular music, none of it is more holier than thou if I make it more about the gifts rather than The Giver. Overall, there is a way to share our feelings, but we must match it with our faith. The book of Psalms does this so eloquently, and so can we.

How To Create Powerful Pieces

First things first, share your testimony! Don't be afraid to talk about the nevertheless moments. For example, "I wanted to cave in yet I trusted." What if you made a script, song, you name it that captures this? See what I mean? Like, it's okay to display the valley moments - that's the rawness most people are looking for to connect with you. Therefore, when you then show how to overcome, your projects serve as entertainment and education. Life experience can be a great teacher. Use what you got, friend!

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